Mottram Hall Wedding: Ian & Nicola

A fabulous couple. Sparkly shoes. Plenty of sunshine and the amazing grounds of Mottram Hall. A wedding day with plenty of fun.

This  past weekend I travelled to Mottram Hall to join Ian & Nicola and watch them say I do. Me and a whole bunch of their family and friends, cheering them on and helping them enjoy becoming Mr and Mrs Firth!

I started the day with the girls, prepping for the day. Hair being done, champers being popped, makeup being applied and all the other good stuff that goes on when you get a group of best friends together.Ian-&-Nicola-Blog Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-161 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-2 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-3 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-4I always know that I’m dealing with like minded  girls when I turn up and these are the days shoes. Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-5 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-6 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-7 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-8 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-9 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-10 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-12 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-13 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-15 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-18 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-17 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-19 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-20 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-21 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-22Nicola, Nicola, Nicola. Simply stunning.Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-23 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-24 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-25 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-26 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-27 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-28 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-29I love this moment for a lot of reasons. But mainly because Nicola and her Dad NEVER cry. But just here, that changed. Even if just for a moment. Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-30 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-31After having some fun with the girls it was nearly time for the ceremony, so I headed on down to meet our man of the day…. Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-33…. who I found with the best man, armed with a hip flask each sipping bourbon. Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-35 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-37 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-36 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-32 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-38 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-40 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-44 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-43 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-42 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-45 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-46 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-47 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-49 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-48 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-50 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-51 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-52 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-53After these two lovelies became Mr & Mrs they sipped on champagne and joined their guests in the gardens for some afternoon sunshine. Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-54 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-55 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-56 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-57 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-58 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-59 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-60 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-61 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-62 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-63 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-64 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-65 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-66 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-67 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-68 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-69 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-70 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-71 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-72 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-73 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-75 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-76 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-77 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-78 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-79 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-80 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-81 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-82 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-83 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-84 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-85Before dinner I took Ian and Nicola for a little stroll around the gardens. They were so relaxed and happy. Definitely happy.Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-95 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-94 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-96 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-97 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-99 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-100 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-101 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-102 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-107 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-103 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-105 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-112 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-109 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-110 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-111 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-113 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-114 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-118 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-116 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-120 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-117 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-119 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-121 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-122 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-123 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-125 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-93 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-128 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-89 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-88 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-86 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-90 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-92 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-129Normally lines ups can be over fast and positioned quite dimly lit. But theres was beautiful and light. It came me plenty of opportunity to get candids and I was loving all the laughing taking place down the line.Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-130 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-131 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-132 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-133 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-135 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-136 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-137 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-138 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-139 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-140….still sipping the Bourbon… Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-142 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-143 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-144 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-145 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-146 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-147 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-148 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-149Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-2Ian-and-Nicola-SpeechesIan-and-Nicola-Speeches-6Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-5Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-4Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-7Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-11Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-9Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-10Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-12Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-13Ian-and-Nicola-Speeches-3 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-150 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-151 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-152After dinner we went for another round of evening portraits. That’s the best thing about staying until the evening. It gives us plenty of chance for more pictures when the light is a bit softer.Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-153 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-154 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-155 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-156 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-159 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-160 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-163 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-165Nicola had surprised Ian with a pork pie wedding cake which was brilliant.Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-164 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-175 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-176 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-179 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-178 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-177 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-180 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-181 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-174 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-172 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-171 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-170 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-169 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-166 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-167 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-168 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-188 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-187 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-186 Ian-&-Nicola-Blog-185 Mottram Hall Wedding photographyAnd this is how I left them. Dancing the  night away. Doing rounds in the photo-booth. Laughing and having a blast!

Ian and Nicola, thank you so much for such a great day – and for allowing me to join you in kicking the photo-booth frolics off! ;-) x

Have an amazing time in Mexico!

The team.

Photography Natasha Cadman

Dress Maggie Sottero

Shoes Carvela

Flowers Buddies

Venue Mottram Hall 

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