A little bit of life.

Things over here at NC HQ are in full swing, no slowing down, wheels in full motion. Amongst doing my photography work I try to keep focused with our house renovation and other personal projects that we have going on. It’s quite nice being able to switch my focus between the two,keeping the creative juices going but all too easy to let jobs that need doing pass to another month. This is our 8th month is the house I want to try to get more finished.  We currently have a few things going on  – hall way make over, garden re-design and general finishings, all curated via the pages of Pinterest – or at least thats the aim ;-)  I am an absolute lover of Pinterest, I find so much inspiration on there. This is my life is pins lately! If you want to join in, follow me here ;-) Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, get creative and have fun!



**All these pretty pictures have been pinned from Pinterest**


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